“Alone on this planet.” - Customized Letter Side Table

The versatility and recyclability of 100% recyclable acrylic material inspired our designer to create an unique customized side table that interacts with light. By reflecting and absorbing light, the acrylics appear in different levels of transparency during different hours of day. “When the light hits a certain angle, the table looks almost soft and tender through its frosty surface.” 

The Acrylic Side Table features two solid pieces of letter-shaped 'A' that give it a distinguished bold look. It inherited from the designer's personal exploration of visual systems of language and symbolism.

"The letter 'A' could mean different things for everyone. To me, it signifies alone and individuality in a wonderful way. It’s the first of its kind and I love the sentiment of being the premier and in solitude. I’m very excited for others to animate this table with their own individual meanings.”      



Shadow Q, Founder, Soul of Shadow                           

Alone on This Planet - Customized Letter A Accent Table - Soul of Shadow

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Modern Home Objects with a Message.

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Introducing "Reflections"

The Reflections series joins the power of incense and messaging into a modern aesthetic for our time. This series of 26 decorative letters is inspired by the founder's childhood memories of visiting and living among temples, where incense and prayers bring peace, self-assurance, and clarity. Each of our decorative alphabet letters is a modern and fresh extension of this ancient practice, creating a warm and engaging home for incense while invoking messages of meaning to direct positive energy throughout the home.

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The Power of a Message

Letters are pathways to our deepest thoughts and beliefs, and our decorative standing letters are a great way to tap into that energy. They can invoke Buddhist prayers for meditation, channel messages, and create words and messages that express individuality and inspire creativity. Choose a message that speaks to you most. 

Consciously handcrafted from recycled materials and 100% recyclable.

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The message of each objet d'art extends to the materials and our production methods. Each piece is expertly handcrafted, with unique differences in each creation. The acrylic material in these alphabet decoration pieces is 100% recyclable, is enduringly strong, and exudes an elegance befitting a luxury atmosphere. At the same time, it is light in form and aesthetic.

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Care from start to finish: When you order any one of our initial gifts, rest assured that each order is lovingly packaged in our ritual box and includes: A pair of cotton gloves to protect your object from smudges when handling; One package of 100% natural, high-quality, low-smoke incense.