About Our Soul

handmade decor


Our Soul 

Soul of Shadow is a collection of furniture, home décor objects, and sustainable artworks. Each piece explores the conversation between living spaces and ourselves and how we can articulate our thoughts and ideas through the space around us when we are at home, probably the most intimate and private place for us all. 

handmade decor

Our Materials

All pieces are produced with sustainability, durability, and minimal aesthetic in mind. We use 100% recyclable, high-quality acrylic material that is responsibly sourced and comes to us partially recycled. Each piece is made-to-order to minimize waste. 

The acrylic material offers stronger performance and a longer lifespan than similar-looking glass materials. It is also more impact-resistant and lighter in weight, making it easier and safer to transport throughout the home. The material allows for a frosted finish in a soft, light appearance to compliment every room.   

Each objet d’art is carefully crafted and finished by hand, resulting in unique differences in each piece we produce.