Letter P Incense Holder - Home Object

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Why made to order?

By placing a pre-order, you contribute to our efforts in minimizing waste and promoting a more sustainable creation process. We sincerely appreciate your patience, as it plays a vital role in our commitment to establishing a low-waste and eco-friendly system. Thank you for supporting our endeavors.

 All letters are identical in height and thickness. Height: 16cm/6.3” Depth: 3.45cm/1.38”. 

Widths will vary based on the design.

 100% recyclable acrylic material 

 A small incense hole is included along the top to house our 100% natural incense sticks. 

 Each letter comes in a frosty, semi-transparent finish.

 Variation in color and activity of the material to be expected; each will be unique and one-of-a-kind.

 Product comes lovingly packaged in our artisan ritual box and includes our 100% natural incense sticks and white cotton gloves for smudge-free handling.