Modern Home Décor that Helps You Reconnect to What You Value Most

“Reflections” is our first home object series. It joins together the power of traditional meditation practices with a modern aesthetic for our time. 

Homes are a place for reconnection and reflection, and imagery aids in these processes. This series of 26 letters is inspired by the founder’s childhood memories of visiting and living among temples where incense and prayers are used to bring peace, self-assurance, and clarity. Each letter is a modern and fresh extension of this ancient practice, creating a warm and engaging home for incense while invoking messages of meaning that direct positive energy throughout the home. 

Each letter is beautifully handcrafted in high-quality, sustainable materials to ensure each letter’s message endures.   


The Power Behind a Message

Letters create direct pathways to our deepest thoughts and beliefs. They invoke Buddhist prayers as a form of meditation and help channel messages around us and beyond. They also create words and messages that speak to our innermost hearts and souls while helping us express our individuality and inspire creativity. Different letter combinations offer freedom to change messaging to create different thoughts and energies. 

Each letter-shaped base includes a hole along the top to house our 100% natural incense sticks. The incense enhances the benefits of each message, bringing traditional benefits of focused attention, heightened senses, and uplifted spirits.

Each letter is expertly handcrafted, resulting in unique differences in every single creation. Each order includes a ritual box that includes: 

A 100% recyclable acrylic base

A pair of cotton gloves to protect your object from smudges when handling 

One package of 100% natural, high-quality, low-smoke incense


Consciously Handcrafted from Recycled Materials and 100% Recyclable 

The messages of these objets d’art transcend the meanings behind each letter. All decorative pieces are designed and manufactured with responsibility, quality, and craftsmanship in mind, and these are messages we believe in as a company. The acrylic material is 100% recyclable, sustainably resourced, and built to order to reduce waste. The acrylic material offers enduring strength and longevity while being light in form and aesthetic and evoking an elegance that feels right at home in luxury atmospheres.